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Grab bars, Denver, CO

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Grab bars installed in clients bathroom in Denver, CO. Grab Bars must be installed properly and here are the steps that we use. To install a grab bar in tile or fiberglass surface, we find the stud or the wood in the wall that is the strongest place to install the grab bar. The studs are typically every 16 inches and they go vertically from the floor to the ceiling. Then we drill the tile or fiberglass with a special bit so that the tile or fiberglass doesn’t crack. Sometime, you have to drill very slow so the heat doesn’t build up and ruin the surface. After the hole is drilled, we caulk the hole to seal it from water. This is critical, as water will get behind the grab bar and behind the wall and destroy the wall. Then, we screw in the grab bar through the caulk sealant and into the stud. Now the Grab Bar is secure and safe, and looks great.