Walk in tub for veteran and senior show it off with a Navy salute

Veteran’s Walk In Tub in Loveland, CO

Nathan Colburn Giving Back Projects, Projects

Ralph received a VA HISA grant in order to make modifications to his home. We were honored to work with Ralph and his family in order to make his home accessible to allow him to live independently. Ralph is a WWII Navy Veteran and has protected our country and his family his entire life. We were excited to take care of much of the paperwork, so that Ralph can enjoy his walk in tub in his own home.

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Giving Back: Lisa W gains her freedom thanks to the Home Builders Foundation and Accessible Systems

Nathan Colburn Giving Back Projects, Projects

We are proud to be involved in helping Lisa get in and out of her home. She was injured in a motorcycle accident and needed a ramp to get into and out of here Aurora home. We were the project captain and enjoyed planning this project from the first visit to Lisa’s home to the approval of funding from the National Fair Housing Alliance and the Denver Metro Fair Housing Alliance. This wheelchair ramp was special because the day it was installed was the first day she could leave her home by herself after coming come from Craig Hospital. This was an amazing project where Lisa had a spinal injury and went to Craig Hospital about 8 months ago. For the last 8 months, she has been trapped in her own home as she can only leave with AccessRide carried her out the front door and they wouldn’t do that if there was any snow. Thank you all for your work because as a team the Home Builders Foundation, the Denver Metro Fair Housing Center, and Accessible Systems were able to get landlord approval, HOA approval, and grant approval within a week and the ramp was installed the next week. This is one of the fastest project that we have been involved in. Everything is complete and Lisa is so happy to get out and enjoy her life again. Medicaid has approved her bathroom remodel thru their grant and we are looking forward to helping her make this her long term home. – Nathan Colburn, Owner at Accessible Systems Lisa now has long term independence and can enjoy her life every day.