A ceiling lift motor attached to a sling installed by Accessible Systems of Colorado Springs in this Pueblo, Colorado home

Overhead Ceiling Lift in Pueblo Colorado

Armando Carillo Projects

Overhead Ceiling Lift in Pueblo ColoradoCity: Pueblo State: CO, Colorado Project Type: Ceiling Lift and Transfer SystemThis homeowner used their Medicaid funded ceiling lift to transfer primarily from their bed to their recliner or wheelchair. The sling allows for support while transferring and its lightweight fabric keeps the person being transferred snug and comfortable. Installation of Ceiling Lift in Pueblo …

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Straight Stairlift in Pueblo, Colorado for Family

Nathan Colburn Projects, Straight Stair Lifts

When mom moves in, things need to change. A Pueblo family decided that moving their mom in with them was the best way to help her maintain independence and ensure that she received the type of help she needed. The only challenge they faced was the long staircase between the main floor of their home and the upstairs bedrooms. After talking with our Colorado Springs team, the family decided to install a stair lift in their Pueblo home. The lift was installed in just over a week and now mom can move freely throughout the house as she chooses.

straight stair lift colorado springs folding rail

Straight Stairlift in Colorado Springs, CO

Nathan Colburn Projects, Straight Stair Lifts

This stair lift fit perfectly between the carpet runner on the stairs and the wall trim. Because the stairs ending right in a walkway, the folding rail allows this lift to not take any space at the bottom of the stairs. This home in Colorado Springs needed a clean rail and a minimum of foot supports so that it would look natural. The handrail didn’t have to be removed because this lift fits so tight to the wall and the stairs are 42 inches wide. Normally, the handrail would be removed to allow the lift to fit even closer.

An older woman gives a thumbs up while riding on a Bruno stair lift installed on the spiral stairs in her home in Paradise, TX

Bruno Stair Lift on Spiral Stairs

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Bruno Stair Lift on Spiral StairsCity: Paradise State: TX, Texas Project Type: Bruno Elite Curved Stair LiftThis older couple needed access to the upper balcony of their home, which provided a serene view of the stars shining bright upon the valley down below. The home is in Paradise, TX, about one hour Northwest of the Dallas/Fort Worth metro area. The …

Rich riding a stairlift installed on his back patio deck allowing him to access his back yard as he lives with MS

Living With MS: Curved Stair Lift to Heaven

Armando Carillo Projects, Stair Lifts

Living With MS: Curved Stair Lift to HeavenCity: Boulder State: CO, Colorado Project Type: Curved Stair LiftThis is the story of Ruth and Rich living with MS (multiple sclerosis). Rich was diagnosed with MS years ago. As time passed, his coordination, balance and mobility worsened. Moving about his multi-level home became more difficult. They had a sunken garage with steps …

An older couple exiting their home into the garage about to ride a FlexStep wheelchair lift

The FlexStep Transforms From Stairs to Wheelchair Lift

Armando Carillo Projects, Wheelchair Ramps

The FlexStep Transforms From Stairs to Wheelchair LiftCity: Denver State: CO, Colorado Project Type: Wheelchair LiftPaul has a progressive condition and has unfortunately taken some falls down the stairs in his home. These accidents have left him wheelchair bound. Paul and his wife of nearly 50 years, Kathleen, needed to adapt their home to allow him to move around, but …

Grab bars Denver CO

Grab bars, Denver, CO

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Grab bars installed in clients bathroom in Denver, CO. Grab Bars must be installed properly and here are the steps that we use. To install a grab bar in tile or fiberglass surface, we find the stud or the wood in the wall that is the strongest place to install the grab bar. The studs are typically every 16 inches and they go vertically from the floor to the ceiling. Then we drill the tile or fiberglass with a special bit so that the tile or fiberglass doesn’t crack. Sometime, you have to drill very slow so the heat doesn’t build up and ruin the surface. After the hole is drilled, we caulk the hole to seal it from water. This is critical, as water will get behind the grab bar and behind the wall and destroy the wall. Then, we screw in the grab bar through the caulk sealant and into the stud. Now the Grab Bar is secure and safe, and looks great.

Ceiling-mounted track system of a ceiling lift for this Denver, CO home

Ceiling Lift Helps Family in Denver

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Ceiling lifts are motorized devices that allow you to easily access any portion of your home with the push of a button. In Denver, we can mount your ceiling lift via track, or use a self-standing lift. Ceiling lift tracks can go through doorways to various rooms, and can be customized to any ceiling height. Because they are located overhead, the need for floor space is unnecessary, which reduces the chance of injury for family members, children or caregivers. Our ceiling lifts allow you to travel within your home anywhere your track is located, from kitchen to bathroom to bedroom. Our Denver ceiling lifts can create a more effective approach to caregiving, and it is important to note that lifts reduce injury incidents during the transfer process. Ceiling lifts have helped many in Denver, Colorado with aging family members, or family members with mobility concerns. As well, ceiling lifts help to minimize or delay the need for expensive nursing care or assisted living facilities.