An older couple exiting their home into the garage about to ride a FlexStep wheelchair lift

The FlexStep Transforms From Stairs to Wheelchair Lift

Armando Carillo Projects, Wheelchair Ramps

The FlexStep Transforms From Stairs to Wheelchair LiftCity: Denver State: CO, Colorado Project Type: Wheelchair LiftPaul has a progressive condition and has unfortunately taken some falls down the stairs in his home. These accidents have left him wheelchair bound. Paul and his wife of nearly 50 years, Kathleen, needed to adapt their home to allow him to move around, but …

Grab bars Denver CO

Grab bars, Denver, CO

Nathan Colburn Handholds, Grab Bars, and Super Poles, Projects

Grab bars installed in clients bathroom in Denver, CO. Grab Bars must be installed properly and here are the steps that we use. To install a grab bar in tile or fiberglass surface, we find the stud or the wood in the wall that is the strongest place to install the grab bar. The studs are typically every 16 inches and they go vertically from the floor to the ceiling. Then we drill the tile or fiberglass with a special bit so that the tile or fiberglass doesn’t crack. Sometime, you have to drill very slow so the heat doesn’t build up and ruin the surface. After the hole is drilled, we caulk the hole to seal it from water. This is critical, as water will get behind the grab bar and behind the wall and destroy the wall. Then, we screw in the grab bar through the caulk sealant and into the stud. Now the Grab Bar is secure and safe, and looks great.

Ceiling-mounted track system of a ceiling lift for this Denver, CO home

Ceiling Lift Helps Family in Denver

Nathan Colburn Lift & Transfer Systems, Projects

Ceiling lifts are motorized devices that allow you to easily access any portion of your home with the push of a button. In Denver, we can mount your ceiling lift via track, or use a self-standing lift. Ceiling lift tracks can go through doorways to various rooms, and can be customized to any ceiling height. Because they are located overhead, the need for floor space is unnecessary, which reduces the chance of injury for family members, children or caregivers. Our ceiling lifts allow you to travel within your home anywhere your track is located, from kitchen to bathroom to bedroom. Our Denver ceiling lifts can create a more effective approach to caregiving, and it is important to note that lifts reduce injury incidents during the transfer process. Ceiling lifts have helped many in Denver, Colorado with aging family members, or family members with mobility concerns. As well, ceiling lifts help to minimize or delay the need for expensive nursing care or assisted living facilities.

An aluminum wheelchair ramp, modular ramp, installed at a dallas texas veteran's home

Aluminum Wheelchair Ramp in Dallas, Texas for Veteran

Nathan Colburn Projects, Wheelchair Ramps

Our team is always honored to be asked to do a home modification for a Veteran. Living with diabetes is hard. When the disease made amputating her husband’s foot necessary, a Dallas wife called our team and asked for help to get him a ramp. She needed an easy way to get him out of their home to go to appointments and to make every day living easier. Installing a metal wheelchair ramp in front of their Dallas, Texas was the best solution. Now he is able to come and go as he pleases and they both have peace of mind.

A veteran is suspended in mid air by the Body Support system of his SureHands ceiling lift.

Body Support System Grants Veteran Freedom of Movement

Armando Carillo Projects, Lift & Transfer Systems

Body Support System Grants Veteran Freedom of MovementCity: Colorado Springs State: CO, Colorado Project Type: Ceiling Lift with Body Support SystemWe worked with Jack, a Veteran living in Colorado Springs, CO, on his SAH project years ago and heard from him again through a representative at the Denver VA saying that Jack’s sling is uncomfortable and does not work for …

Wheelchair lift to second floor, level apartment over a barn-shaped garage installed for a handicap father in Salida, CO

Wheelchair Lift to Second Floor Apartment Home

Armando Carillo Projects

Wheelchair Lift to Second Floor Apartment HomeCity: Salida State: CO, Colorado Project Type: Wheelchair LiftsShawna’s father had a stroke so she wanted him to be close by. She also wanted him to maintain his independence and have his own space. Instead of moving him into their own home, they offered him the full apartment above their garage. The only problem? …

A vertical platform lift vpl installed in a Johnstown, CO home in place of wooden stairs for accessibility

Vertical Platform Lift Over a Ramp for a Garage

Armando Carillo Projects

Vertical Platform Lift Over a Ramp for a GarageCity: Johnstown State: CO, Colorado Project Type: Wheelchair LiftsWhile ramps are a common piece of equipment for accessibility into and out of a home, sometimes they simply aren’t the right solution. For this family, the five steps from garage floor into their Johnstown, CO home would call for nearly 35 feet of …

A disabled girl is suspended in a SureHands sling attached to a ceiling lift track system as a technician demonstrates and the mom looks on

Phasing Into Home Modifications for a Disabled Child

Armando Carillo Projects

Phasing Into Home Modifications for a Disabled ChildCity: Johnstown State: CO, Colorado Project Type: Ceiling Lift Track SystemWhen caring for a child with a disability, families often find their needs changing over time. As the child grows up, moving him/her around the house becomes more challenging for the caregiver, which is often the parents. To make transfers within the home …