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What Impacts the Cost of My Stairlift?

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One of the most common questions our team receives is “How much does a stairlift cost?”. The answer is not a straightforward one. Many factors impact the final cost of a stairlift for your home: The length of your stairs, whether you want a straight or a curved lift, and other options that can help a stairlift be a better …

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Are You Aging in Place on Your Terms?

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While your body and mind are changing as you age, so are your needs. As our population’s life expectancy extends, it can be difficult to accept that changes that are occurring for you both mentally and physically. Learning to cope with a new set of physical challenges like limited mobility, diminished sight, or a new disease diagnosis can have a …

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Why Choose a Bruno Stair Lift Installation by Accessible Systems?

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As we age, our flexibility, balance, and mobility change. The National Safety Council estimates that more than one million injuries occur each year as a result of falls on stairways. Even using a simple staircase in your home can be dangerous if your eyesight is failing, your stability has diminished, or you have balance problems. Many older homeowners purchased their …

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Oasis Senior Advisors of Southlake, TX

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Caring for an aging loved one can be challenging. While we want to keep our loved ones home with us for as long as we can, there comes a time for many when staying home is no longer possible. Maybe the ramp or stairlift you installed aren’t making a difference anymore, or a condition has worsened, and you are no …

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Bathroom Modifications May Not Be Your Only Option

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As you age in your home or need to modify your home to meet the needs of your disability you may be considering remodeling your bathroom. However, one of the most common barriers to doing a full bathroom modification is cost. For seniors and families who are on a limited budget, doing a large-scale overhaul of your bathroom may not …

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Asking for Help at Home

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It may be difficult to admit, but the tasks around your home or daily living activities may not be as easy as they used to be. Maintaining your independence while accepting your limitations can be difficult. Studies show that as we age our risk of falling in our homes increases. Many of the falls that send seniors to the emergency …

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Through-the-Floor Home Elevator

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A New Kind of Home Elevator How do you define Independence?  When did you first feel independent?  For Jesse, a 13 year old young man, growing up means completing his large stack of homework, keeping his things picked up, feeding his dog Poe, and going to bed without being told.  Except that his bedroom is upstairs, and Jesse has Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy. …