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United Access is a company that offers something essential to people with disabilities: the ability to drive or ride in a vehicle. Since 1997, our once small, family-owned and operated mobility company blossomed into the second largest provider of accessible vehicles in the country. United Access partners with industry-leading manufacturers to supply our dealerships with the best and safest products, …

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The Centers – Colorado, Utah and Texas

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Throughout our service areas in Colorado and Texas, we are proud to partner with the Veritas Management group and their Centers of excellence for senior care. The Centers serve patients needing physical rehabilitation and/or complex nursing care. Our highly qualified, caring staff provide care in a beautiful, hotel-like atmosphere to help our patients achieve strength and functionality. Skilled-nursing care, family involvement, …

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Thinking Ahead….

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Recently an article on Facebook caught the attention of several members of our team. The article from NJ.com told the story of a nursing home resident whose family trusted the care facility to take care of their aging father. After undergoing surgery to help remove a cyst from his brain, the gentleman was placed in a New Jersey nursing home …

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Door Widening for Accessibility

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When most people think about making a home accessible, they think about ramps, stairlifts, ceiling lifts, and wheelchair lifts. However, one of the most significant barriers to accessibility in the house are the doorways themselves. The standard width sizes for interior doors range from 22 inches to 30 inches. The minimum recommended door width for those with disabilities, or assistive equipment …

ALS awareness

ALS Awareness and Resources

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May of each year is ALS Awareness Month. During this time, we take the opportunity to bring awareness to ALS or amyotrophic lateral sclerosis, which is a progressive neurodegenerative disease that affects nerve cells in the brain and the spinal cord. Throughout the year, our team is fortunate to work with many families that are impacted by ALS and help …

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What to Expect During a Home Accessibility Evaluation

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When you or a loved one call Accessible Systems for a home evaluation we know that you’ve done your research and chosen our company for our experience or that perhaps we were recommended to you by a therapist, physician or other community partners. No matter how you got our name our team is committed to delivering you the best quality …

Adaptive Adventures

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Adaptive Adventures was founded in 1999 by two individuals with physical disabilities who recognized a need for non-site based adventure sports opportunities for individuals with physical disabilities. They set out on a mission to serve people in their own communities and provide progressive outdoor sports opportunities to improve the quality of life for children, adults, and veterans with physical disabilities and their families. …

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MGA Pediatric Homecare

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MGA Homecare serves as a leading in-home pediatric care provider throughout Colorado, serving Colorado Springs, Denver, and Pueblo. Our dedicated team of professionals and highly-skilled clinicians provide care and support for children with medical complexities in the home setting. In addition to pediatric nursing (RN/LPN), our trained staff offer certified nursing assistant (CNA) services and pediatric therapies including, occupational therapy …

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10 Contractor Tips for Your Bathroom Remodel

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A complete bathroom remodel is anything but a small project. Whether you are choosing to upgrade your bathroom for aesthetic reasons or to increase your home’s value, there are some crucial elements you should consider before you bring your project to life! Functionality should be at the center of your remodel but creating a functional bathroom no longer means you …

Ensight Skills Center

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Ensight Skills Center is a nationally-accredited low-vision nonprofit organization in Colorado. Ensight provides eye doctor evaluations, occupational therapy, training, assistive technology, and support in assisting people with vision loss to enjoy maximum independence at home and work. Our team helps people use their remaining vision to accomplish tasks and preserve their self-sufficiency and quality of life. Dedicated to serving anyone …