6 Things to Consider Before Adding a Residential Elevator

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Adding a residential elevator can be a perfect solution, if accessibility in your home is a challenge. As the footprint of residential elevators has decreased over the years, more homeowners are considering this as a viable option to increase accessibility in the home. However, as with any home improvement project, there are a number of consideration before ruling out other …

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MobilityWorks Acquires Freedom Mobility in Englewood, Colorado

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MobilityWorks®, the nation’s largest retailer of wheelchair accessible vans, is adding 1 new location with the acquisition of Freedom Mobility in Englewood, CO. The acquisition will be the first store for MobilityWorks’ in the state of Colorado. Following the acquisition, MobilityWorks will now operate 84 total locations in 25 states. October 11, 2019 13:49 ET | Source: MobilityWorks Richfield, OH, Oct. 11, 2019 …

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Lifecare Centers of America

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With a highly trained staff of caring associates and a beautiful building resembling a home environment more than a traditional nursing home, Life Care Centers has facilities in Colorado, Utah, Wyoming, Idaho, New Mexico, and Texas   —all  with a consistent focus on the resident as the highest priority. No longer simply nursing homes, Life Care offers more services in order to meet …

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5 Unbelievable Accessibility Fails

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As we work with our clients we see many accessibility modifications that were made by contractors or other companies that just don’t meet ADA requirements. Some of these installations and modifications are unfortunately unusable for the client and result in even more headache and inaccessibility than before they were installed. Working with an accessibility provider who understands both ADA requirements …

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5 Common Accessibility Fails

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Our team is invited into our client’s homes and into our communities to evaluate accessibility. During our evaluations, we often encounter modifications that do not meet ADA requirements, are unsafe or that were intended to be temporary but became permanent. Stairlift Not to the Floor – The purpose of a stairlift is to ensure that those with mobility challenges, unstable …

United Access – Live Life on Your Terms

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United Access is a company that offers something essential to people with disabilities: the ability to drive or ride in a vehicle. Since 1997, our once small, family-owned and operated mobility company blossomed into the second largest provider of accessible vehicles in the country. United Access partners with industry-leading manufacturers to supply our dealerships with the best and safest products, …

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The Centers – Colorado, Utah and Texas

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Throughout our service areas in Colorado and Texas, we are proud to partner with the Veritas Management group and their Centers of excellence for senior care. The Centers serve patients needing physical rehabilitation and/or complex nursing care. Our highly qualified, caring staff provide care in a beautiful, hotel-like atmosphere to help our patients achieve strength and functionality. Skilled-nursing care, family involvement, …

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Thinking Ahead….

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Recently an article on Facebook caught the attention of several members of our team. The article from NJ.com told the story of a nursing home resident whose family trusted the care facility to take care of their aging father. After undergoing surgery to help remove a cyst from his brain, the gentleman was placed in a New Jersey nursing home …

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Door Widening for Accessibility

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When most people think about making a home accessible, they think about ramps, stairlifts, ceiling lifts, and wheelchair lifts. However, one of the most significant barriers to accessibility in the house are the doorways themselves. The standard width sizes for interior doors range from 22 inches to 30 inches. The minimum recommended door width for those with disabilities, or assistive equipment …

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ALS Awareness and Resources

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May of each year is ALS Awareness Month. During this time, we take the opportunity to bring awareness to ALS or amyotrophic lateral sclerosis, which is a progressive neurodegenerative disease that affects nerve cells in the brain and the spinal cord. Throughout the year, our team is fortunate to work with many families that are impacted by ALS and help …