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7 Tips to Make Your Ramp Fantastic (Zero Step Entry Universal Design)

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Zero step entry or accessibility ramps can make your home or building accessible and be a beautiful addition. However, there are many common mistakes and costly errors that you can prevent by continuing to read this resource. Universal Design states that the entrance should work for everyone, however what modifications are needed to include everyone.  Here are the top tips: …

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Can You Safely Age in Place?

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While many people wish to age in place in their home, the reality is that this may not be the best or safest option for everyone. A recent AARP study found that more than 70 percent of people over the age of 50 would want to remain in their homes as they get older. However planning ahead to help you …

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5 Common Accessibility Fails

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Our team is invited into our client’s homes and into our communities to evaluate accessibility. During our evaluations, we often encounter modifications that do not meet ADA requirements, are unsafe or that were intended to be temporary but became permanent. Stairlift Not to the Floor – The purpose of a stairlift is to ensure that those with mobility challenges, unstable …

SureHands Ceiling Lift System is 5-Star Genius

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Ceiling Lifts system by SureHands uses a wide range of options which can restore independence and increase accessibility throughout a home. These lifts provide customizable solutions that will allow physically challenged men, women, and children access the bed, shower, bath or toilet and aid in the changing of clothes, standing, and ambulation, and catheterization, at time independently or with the …

A Love Story of a Wife with MS

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Saving Transfers & Time – Local Couple with Multiple Sclerosis Found Their People “The reason we made this investment in equipment and bathrooms is because 2 years ago Denise had to go to the hospital then to the nursing home.  She was usually an upbeat, positive person even through MS but when she was in the nursing home she got …

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Why Choose a Bruno Stair Lift Installation by Accessible Systems?

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As we age, our flexibility, balance, and mobility change. The National Safety Council estimates that more than one million injuries occur each year as a result of falls on stairways. Even using a simple staircase in your home can be dangerous if your eyesight is failing, your stability has diminished, or you have balance problems. Many older homeowners purchased their …

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MobilityWorks Acquires Freedom Mobility in Englewood, Colorado

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MobilityWorks®, the nation’s largest retailer of wheelchair accessible vans, is adding 1 new location with the acquisition of Freedom Mobility in Englewood, CO. The acquisition will be the first store for MobilityWorks’ in the state of Colorado. Following the acquisition, MobilityWorks will now operate 84 total locations in 25 states. October 11, 2019 13:49 ET | Source: MobilityWorks Richfield, OH, Oct. 11, 2019 …

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Lifecare Centers of America

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With a highly trained staff of caring associates and a beautiful building resembling a home environment more than a traditional nursing home, Life Care Centers has facilities in Colorado, Utah, Wyoming, Idaho, New Mexico, and Texas   —all  with a consistent focus on the resident as the highest priority. No longer simply nursing homes, Life Care offers more services in order to meet …

5 Home Accessibility Fails to avoid

5 Unbelievable Home Accessibility Fails

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As we work with homeowners with physical disabilities, we see many accessibility fails that were made by contractors or other companies that just don’t meet ADA requirements. Some of these mobility equipment installations and home modifications are unfortunately unusable for the homeowner and result in even more headache and inaccessibility than before they were installed. Working with an accessibility provider …