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How The American Rescue Funds Act Saves Medicaid Recipients Over $60K

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From the American Rescue Funds Act inside the Medicaid benefit, we are seeing an additional $10K benefit (up to $24,000) per person. The key takeaway is that staying in one’s home saves over $60K a year in nursing care for Medicaid recipients and helps you be independent. In the state of Colorado (find your state below), there is an additional …

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Sun Burns and Sugar Shacks – Medicaid Mike – March 2018

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If April showers bring May flowers then what benefit does March bring to the spring picture?  Well, when you’re from Michigan, a state that embraces winter, like a toddler embraces its Blankie, March is a welcomed sight for sore eyes.  Warmer temperatures in March means Michigan Maple Syrup Producers are firing up their sugar shacks, heating up their stoves and …

Valentines, Hot Rods and Super Bowls

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Well Hello, February! Love is in the air! Roses and football and hot rods, oh my! You’re asking yourself what do hot rods have to do with February? Well, when you’re a teenage boy from Detroit, the Motor Capital of the USA in February 1988, my focus wasn’t Valentine’s Day. Football was hit and miss, to say the least, especially …

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Law of the Farm – Medicaid Mike

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Yes, I’m one of those folks who look forward every year to renewing goals, refreshing our dreams and aspirations, while looking back over last year’s successes, trials and tribulations. No, I don’t necessarily believe that New Year’s resolutions have to start in January; however, it’s always a good feeling to reflect on the past year, turn the page to the …

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So, Mike is that you and why are you smiling?

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December – There’s a lot riding on my back! When I was young, I remember sneaking downstairs at 3 o’clock in the morning, probably just after my parents had spent hours wrapping and putting together presents to make Christmas morning special for my sisters and I.  I was the boy who would pull out my stocking and ever so carefully …