| Elan Straight Rail Stairlift Model SRE 3000

Curved Stair Lift Design and Options

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Curved Stair Lift Design and Options: While there are a variety of manufacturers of curved stair lifts there are fundamentally only two styles of curved stair lift rail, the hollow tube design and the flat rail design. The hollow tube design can have either one or two tubes, depending on manufacturer. While inexpensive to produce this design does have some …

stair lifts and medicare

Stair Lifts and Medicare

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A question that always comes up in every stair lift conversation is, “Does Medicare pay for a stair lift?” Unfortunately the short answer is no, Medicare does not cover anything installed into a home. The long answer to that question is somewhat more involved though equally definitive. Essentially Medicare doesn’t cover anything that attaches to your house, including a stair lift. …


StairLift FAQ

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How much does a stairlift cost? There is no single answer to this question. Every installation is different. The price can be influenced by the configuration of stairs (curved or straight), location of doors at top or bottom, the location of handrails, the flow of cross traffic at the top or bottom, the nearest location of available power and weight …

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Certifications and Awards

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One Bruno Elite curved stair lift versus two Bruno Elan straight stair lifts

2 Straight vs 1 Curved Stair Lift – Which is Better?

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Many companies want to sell certain types of chair lifts for stairs with landings, but we encourage you to do more research.  A straight stair lift is designed to take you up a single flight of stairs, but when you have 2 stairways and a landing (also called a transfer point), what is the best option between using 2 straight …

Professional Resources

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Professional Resources Looking for something else? Something that Accessible Systems doesn’t offer? Well look no further! Here is a complete guide to the industry’s best resources for your every need.   Medical Supplies, Equipment and Accessories Custom Seating and Power Wheelchairs Handicap Accessible Cars/Trucks/Vans In-Home Health Care (Medical and Non-Medical) Industry Partners and Home Modification Agencies Handicap Accessible Activities & Adventures …

Resource Center

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