Used stair lift and wheelchair ramp buy-back program

Wondering What To Do With Your Gently Used Medical Equipment?

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We get dozens of calls each week with people asking what they should do with their used medical equipment when they no longer need it. Below is a list of resources and suggestions for how to get rid of your used medical equipment. If you are looking to purchase used medical equipment, please see our refurbished stair lift page for …

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Safety is Our Top Priority: See What We are Doing

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The impact of one of the coronavirus COVID-19 countermeasures, social isolation, is testing our country and making life exceedingly difficult for people with disabilities and the elderly. We need to pull together and support these individuals as this situation evolves. At Accessible Systems, Inc. (ASI), our top priority is to protect our community and continue to help every person remain …

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What to Expect During a Virtual Home Accessibility Evaluation

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Like many of you at home, Accessible Systems (ASI) has also had to adjust its work culture in light of the coronavirus COVID-19 preventative measures implemented by federal and state governments. Even now, the ASI showroom is open, and ASI remains firmly committed to delivering the highest quality home accessibility evaluations for anyone in need of equipment or custom home …

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Helping Your Loved Ones Maintain Their Independence

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The holidays are filled with visits to the homes of family and friends. These visits are a time for joy and celebration, but they are also a time to pay attention to the needs of those we love. Every year our team responds to the panicked phone calls of sons and daughters who come home to see mom and dad …

ALS awareness

ALS Awareness and Resources

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May of each year is ALS Awareness Month. During this time, we take the opportunity to bring awareness to ALS or amyotrophic lateral sclerosis, which is a progressive neurodegenerative disease that affects nerve cells in the brain and the spinal cord. Throughout the year, our team is fortunate to work with many families that are impacted by ALS and help …

Barrier-free Showers for Medicaid

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Barrier-free showers empower your Medicaid clients to live freely in their homes without fear or injury. The bathroom is the most dangerous room in the home. Keep your clients accident and fall free with a fully modified bathroom from Accessible Systems!

Freedom to Move: Automatic Door Opener, Threshold Ramps and More!

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Did you know that there are barriers all throughout your client’s homes? Exits to the home aren’t the only places where a ramp can be helpful. Small barriers in the home like transitions between different types of flooring or the transition to a doorway inside can keep those with mobility challenges from getting where they want to go. Opening the …

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Medicaid Stairglides Information

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Important Considerations for a Stairglide Consider the size and weight capacity of the seat. Does the seat need to swivel? Are additional supports needed, like arms rests or a seat belt? How much space will the lift occupy? How much space is needed for someone to mount/dismount from the seat? An additional electrical circuit may be needed, which will add …