Wheelchair Accessible Home for ALS Veteran

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After being diagnosed with ALS, Larry chose to prepare his home to accommodate his FUTURE accessibility needs. The key word is FUTURE. Learning of the diagnosis was not easy, yet he has accepted it, and with acceptance comes change. He has taken multiple steps to achieve a wheelchair accessible home, to plan for the WHEN: When he needs a power …

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Bathroom Remodel Cost vs. Value Report for the Mountain Area and Colorado

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Remodeling Magazine (www.remodeling.hw.net) has released its Remodeling Cost vs. Value Report.  This report measured with Mid Level remodel projects and standard fixtures including Bathroom Remodel, Bathroom Addition, Master Suits, and other common remodel projects.  As measured by this report, Bathrooms remodels in the Colorado area went up 4.7% this year and averages $16,597 for a mid level bathroom project.  This includes Update …

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Home Accessibility Gets Personal

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Home Accessibility Gets Personal Why should we care about home accessibility? For me, it gets personal.  When my family heard about the accident that happened to one of our own, we didn’t know what was ahead.  A spinal cord injury leaves everyone hoping that she would walk again, but the doubt grows.  As the days went by, everyone just hoped she …

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Stair Lift Manufacturers FAQ

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This particular FAQ provides stair lift manufacturers names, locations, and other details for stair lifts, also called chair glides, chair lifts, or stairs elevators. Visit our home elevator page for details on residential interior, exterior and through-the-floor elevators.  Visit our vertical platform lift page for various other wheelchair and scooter lift options. Stair Lift Manufacturer Summary Stair Lift Manufacturer Location …

Educational Inservice Download – Therapist 2013

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Here are the current educational seminar that we provide for therapists in 2013. This presentation includes adapted houses in multimedia with lots of before/after pictures. Click below for the PDF file of our slide show or see the video of the slide show at the bottom of this page. Click Here for the PDF version of our presentation.  

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Why Professionals Refer To Us

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Thanks to our fantastic, dedicated professionals who refer to Accessible Systems.  Our best referral sources refer to us because: We genuinely care about the needs of our customers and are dedicated to providing the handicapped, disabled, seniors and anyone facing mobility challenges with an exceptional experience, including offering free in-home assessments that prepare families to be empowered participants in the …


Giving Back: Accessible Systems provides a big lift (Home Builders Foundation)

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Home Builders Foundation helps Littleton woman with multiple sclerosis make her home more navigable By Ramsey Scott Tuesday, January 21, 2014 at 6:09 pm (Updated: January 25, 11:39 am) The house had become a prison for Jeaninne Kasa. But that was before the Zephyr Express. Kasa rides the “Zephyr Express” downstairs, another amenity added with the help of the nonprofit Home …

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The March Towards Fairness- Finding Accessible Property

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The March Towards Fairness- Finding Accessible Property Say you’ve got a client who wants a home with a formal dining room, gas fireplace, two-car garage, and finished basement. That’s easy: Those are common listing terms, and a simple search in the MLS should bring up all the properties that match the criteria. Now picture this: The client is in a …