A Bruno straight stair lift installed at Accessible System's Denver, Colorado showroom

Do Stair Lifts Damage Stairs or the Wall?

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Many people with physical disabilities or mobility challenges hesitate installing a stair lift because they think stair lifts damage stairs or the wall in their home. There is a myth that stair lifts are attached to the wall and that when it comes time to remove them, they damage the wall. The truth is that a stair lift does not …

How to make the garage in a home handicap accessible

Making a Home Handicap Accessible: Garage Steps

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One common way to make a home handicap accessible is by overcoming the steps at the garage entrance. Steps are an accessibility barrier that are typically made of concrete or wood, and railings are not always installed. The construction quality may also be low, which poses injury risks from slips and falls. Here are the top 4 solutions to help …

Universal Design vs Accessible Design

Universal Design Vs. Accessible Design: What is the Difference?

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Great design should be part of every home, and two schools of thought have emerged. Everybody is talking about Universal Design, which is changing both commercial and residential construction for the better.  Focused on principle of universal use, Universal Design dramatically improves the use by everyone, children, people with disabilities, the aging population, and everyone in between. However, Accessible Design, …


Why Choose a Bruno Stair Lift Installation by Accessible Systems?

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As we age, our flexibility, balance, and mobility change. The National Safety Council estimates that more than one million injuries occur each year as a result of falls on stairways. Even using a simple staircase in your home can be dangerous if your eyesight is failing, your stability has diminished, or you have balance problems. Many older homeowners purchased their …

Adapted Home for Veteran Made Possible via VA SAH Grant

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Charlie, an Army Veteran, can still walk to a certain degree, but he knows that his ALS will one day limit his mobility. His balance is already off, and the risk of falling grows by the day. Working with his case manager from the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs, and taking advantage of the VA Specially Adapted Housing (SAH) Grant, …

10 Tips for ALS Home Modifications and Adaptive Equipment

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The early signs of ALS are when muscle cramps and twitching, weakness in hands, legs or ankles or difficulty speaking or swallowing begin. Loss of movement follows, and then moving around the home becomes progressively more difficult. The help of a caregiver, whether that person be a professional or a family member, is eventually needed. Home accessibility is better when …

FREE Fall Prevention and Risk Assessment Tool

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Does falling in your home worry you? Every year, for people over 65 in the U.S.: 1 in 3 will have a fall 1 out 5 falls will cause a serious injury such as broken bones or a head injury Falls are the number reason for emergency room visits While these statistics can be scary, there are actions you can …

Home Modifications: Top 4 Barriers for People with Disabilities

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When contemplating home modifications for seniors, or home modifications for disabled people, the TOP 4 accessibility barriers faced are 1) the entrances and exits, 2) levels and stairs, 3) bathrooms and 4) physical transfers. Each barrier is described below and home accessibility solutions are recommended to help overcome each one. Finding the right mobility solution will depend on one’s personal …

Home bathroom improvement ideas led to this accessible bathroom remodel

Top 10 Bathroom Improvement Ideas for Accessibility

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Home improvement is synonymous with spring cleaning, and for the mobility-challenged, a bathroom remodel is an ideal project to enhance the beauty, comfort, accessibility and safety of a home. Here are TOP 10 IDEAS for home bathroom improvements to help attain optimal accessibility: 1. Shower Seats – More than just a comfy place to relax while showering, adding a shower …