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10 Contractor Tips for Your Bathroom Remodel

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A complete bathroom renovation is anything but a small project. Whether you are choosing to upgrade your bathroom for aesthetic reasons or to increase your home’s value, there are some crucial elements you should consider before you bring your project to life! Functionality should be at the center of your remodel but creating a functional bathroom no longer means you …

Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI) and Accessibility

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March is brain injury awareness month. For those care for those who have suffered a brain injury or those who live with brain injuries every day, it’s no surprise that mobility is often impacted by these injuries. Experts estimate that between 30% and 65% of those who have suffered a traumatic brain injury (TBI) experience dizziness or trouble with their …

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SureHands Ceiling Lift System is 5-Star Genius

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Ceiling Lifts system by SureHands uses a wide range of options which can restore independence and increase accessibility throughout your home. These lifts provide customizable solutions that will allow physically challenged men, women, and children or their caregivers to access the bed, shower, bath or toilet and aid in the changing of clothes, standing, and ambulation, and catheterization. Each person’s …

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Colorado Home Modification Tax Credit

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The State of Colorado has created a tax credit with the vision that individuals with an illness or disability wouldn’t be deterred from retrofitting their residence for health, welfare or safety reasons due to financial constraints. The state income tax credit which was created under the bill known as HB18-1267 gives homeowners up to $5,000 per qualified individual per year …

Inclined Platform Lift – Access Without Transfers

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Stairs in the home make it impossible for those who rely on a wheelchair to access these areas without some form of assistance. For many wheelchair users adding an elevator to their home may not be an option due to the configuration of the dwelling or budgetary concerns. An inclined platform lift can offer users the ability to move through the …

Ensight Skills Center

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Ensight Skills Center is a nationally-accredited low-vision nonprofit organization in Colorado. Ensight provides eye doctor evaluations, occupational therapy, training, assistive technology, and support in assisting people with vision loss to enjoy maximum independence at home and work. Our team helps people use their remaining vision to accomplish tasks and preserve their self-sufficiency and quality of life. Dedicated to serving anyone …

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Outdoor Stairlifts: A Different Approach to Accessibility

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When we say stairlift, most people automatically think of their stairs inside their home. Everyone can see a mental picture of a person safely riding a stairlift down steep basement stairs or up a curved staircase to their master suite. However, most people don’t think of taking a stairlift off their back deck or down their front steps. Luckily, Bruno …

Are You Aging on Your Terms?

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While your body and mind are changing as you age, so are your needs. As our population’s life expectancy extends, it can be difficult to accept that changes that are occurring for you both mentally and physically. Learning to cope with a new set of physical challenges like limited mobility, diminished sight, or a new disease diagnosis can have a …

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Do You or a Loved One Freeze While Walking?

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The U-Step 2 Walking Stabilizer was designed specifically for those with neurological conditions. Using a patented U-shaped base, the U-Step is ultrastable and offers users advanced control, stability and maneuverability and has been proven effective for those who have been diagnosed with ALS, Ataxia, Stroke, PSP/MSA, Parkinson’s Disease, Multiple Sclerosis, Brain Injuries and Balance Disorders. Unique Features of the U-Step …

Pristine Home Health Care

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Pristine Home Healthcare was founded on the core beliefs that everybody deserves to have a second chance at independence after a life event. We do this because when the owner, Kodi Marley, was injured in an elevator accident and told she would never walk again, she decided to use her community along with her faith to push forward. With perseverance …