Bruno Elite stair lift, chair glide installed at the top of a curved stairway

Bruno Stairlift Repair and Troubleshooting

Nathan Colburn Information

Are you sure the beeping is coming from the Bruno stairlift?

You’d be surprised how many times we go out on service calls to address a beeping Bruno Elan, Elite or Curved Stairlift, only to find that it’s time to replace the batteries in the smoke alarm or CO2 detector, or identify the source as the microwave or another appliance.

How many beeps is the Bruno stairlift making and how often is this occurring?

  • Single beep = check seat swivel, armrests and footrest and any obstructions
  • Continuous beep = unit is not charging (either not fully on the charging station or the charger has come unplugged)

Is there a flashing alpha/numeric code displayed on your Bruno Elite or Curve Stairlift unit?

  • Please note that the codes will change and flash as the lift is self-checking and displaying status codes during normal operations
  • If the same code is  flashing repeatedly, that is indicative if a diagnostic fault or problem with the lift. Please refer to the chart below. (Some codes might not be displayed on this chart, however the list below contains the most common fault codes)


When was your last service call or annual maintenance?

  • Annual maintenance does actually mean every year, but we understand that time can pass and things get forgotten. If it’s been 3-4 years since your last service call, you’re probably due for some new batteries and a safety inspection of the unit.
  • Annual maintenance is required on Bruno lifts in order to uphold the Gold Star Warranty; this warranty covers all additional parts for 2 years and all drive-train components for 5 years from date of purchase.

Is the lift Bruno Elan, Elite or Curves stairlift plugged in?

Again, we are happy to come out and assess the situation- but the service fee can seem a bit ridiculous for something as simple as fixing a lift that accidentally was unplugged.

Are the status indicator lights ON on the transformer/charger? Was there a power outage recently?

There should always be at least two lights displayed on your Elite stairlift charger to indicate normal operations:

  • Red= power on
  • Red and yellow = battery is charging
  • Red and green = battery is fully charged
  • Bruno Elan stairlifts will only have one light (see chart below)


Are the stair chair, armrests and footrest all in the downward and locked position?

Fold the chair, footrest and armrests up and then put everything back down again, just to make sure.

Is the swivel seat locked firmly into place and facing straight ahead?

Wiggle the stairlift from side to side until you hear it click into place.

Have any and all obstructions been removed from near the Bruno stairlift carriage and rail?

Little plastic green army men, Legos, table cloths and MardiGras beads are just a few of the items that we have removed from our equipment to get it working again.

What if it’s after hours?

If it is after hours (evening, weekend or holiday) and you just want the beeping to stop, please locate the power switch on the stairlift unit itself and turn it off. It is not necessary to unplug the staifrlift. Most companies that repair Bruno Elan, Elite or Curved stair lifts only schedule repairs during normal business hours.