An older woman gives a thumbs up while riding on a Bruno stair lift installed on the spiral stairs in her home in Paradise, TX

Bruno Stair Lift on Spiral Stairs

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Bruno Stair Lift on Spiral Stairs

City: Paradise
State: TX, Texas
Project Type: Bruno Elite Curved Stair Lift

This older couple needed access to the upper balcony of their home, which provided a serene view of the stars shining bright upon the valley down below. The home is in Paradise, TX, about one hour Northwest of the Dallas/Fort Worth metro area. The only way to get up there was to navigate the spiral stairs made out of metal. For anyone that struggles with mobility, spiral stairs are definitely trickier to maneuver and they pose a significant fall risk.

Installation on Spiral Stairs

The Bruno Elite stair lift was chosen because of its quality, durability and its Made in the USA craftmanship. Furthermore, the rail can be customized to flow up and down most any pattern of stairs. It proved to be the best choice for the spiral stairs in this home. The ride is smooth and the comfort level is unmatched. Even with the Bruno stair lift installed, there is still enough room for anyone to climb the spiral staircase that doesn’t need to use the chair. It’s secured out of the way.

Benefits of the Bruno Stair Lift

This loving couple can now access the upper level balcony of their home with ease and safety, to take in some rest and relaxation. Home is definitely where their hearts are. The spiral stairs no longer pose a fall risk and best part is that they can now enjoy the starry view form their Texas home.

Bruno Stair Lift in Motion

The lift shown in this video is a demonstration and not the actual stair lift that was installed in this Paradise, TX home.

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We knew the spiral stairs would  pose a challenge, but the stair lift was installed to perfection. Our balcony is our retreat!