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Bathroom Modifications May Not Be Your Only Option

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As you age in your home or need to modify your home to meet the needs of your disability you may be considering remodeling your bathroom. However, one of the most common barriers to doing a full bathroom modification is cost. For seniors and families who are on a limited budget, doing a large-scale overhaul of your bathroom may not be financially possible. Fortunately, there are plenty of options to make your bathroom safe and accessible that are more budget-friendly and offer some benefits that you may not be aware of.

Shower and Tub Seats
Being able to get into the bathtub without worrying about falling or using the shower when standing is difficult is crucial for your safety in the bathroom. A sliding transfer bench allows you to transfer into the bathtub without worrying about falling. These benches are adjustable to fit a variety of tubs and can be collapsed easily for travel. Shower chairs and folding shower benches offer the ability to use the shower or bath while sitting. A folding shower bench is an excellent option for those who need the occasional support or share a bathroom with those who don’t have accessibility challenges.

Hand-Held Showers and Lever Faucets
Adding a handheld shower to your bathtub or shower can make it easier and safer for you to use your bathroom each day. Mounting a showerhead down low where it is easily accessible while you sit on a shower bench or a tub seat eliminates reaching which can throw you off balance. Lever faucets are easier to use than standard knobs and are an excellent choice for anyone who has difficulty with their grip strength or dexterity. Lever faucets may also be fitted with a diverter to move the water from the regular showerhead to the handheld shower, making it even easier to use the shower on your own.

Grab Bars and Rails
Outfitting your bathtub or shower with rails and grab bars helps provide you with stability and security as you transfer in and out of your existing tub or shower. The design of grab bars has changed significantly in the last few years and can add beauty, safety, and function to your bathroom. Many of these bars and rails have additional features like soap dishes and towel bars which can make them more functional for your bathroom.

Bath Lifter
Enjoying a bath in your home is comfortable and safe with the Bath Lifter tub seat. The lift installs quickly and easily with suction cup feet which attach to the bottom of your existing bathtub. A waterproof remote, adjustable seat back and multiple lift controls allow you to use your tub comfortably and safely.

If you’re looking for options to increase the safety and accessibility of your bathroom, let our experts help you evaluate your options and help you find an alternative to a bathroom remodel. Contact us through the form below or call today to set up your complimentary in-home evaluation with one of our bathroom specialists in Northern Colorado, Utah, Colorado Springs, Denver or Dallas!