Happy parents and their child with special needs pose after their barrier free shower bathroom remodel

Barrier Free Shower for a Child with Special Needs

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Barrier Free Shower for a Child with Special Needs

City: Castle Rock
State: CO, Colorado
Project Type: Barrier Free Shower

Steve and Nadia moved from Texas to Colorado to take advantage of the access to legal cannabis for their son who is 11 years-old and has a rare form of epilepsy. Nadia also went through CNA training so she can be her son’s full time caregiver. They initially picked a home in Castle Rock that placed their son’s bedroom on the second floor, which impacted Steve’s health due to the high amount of lifting that he had to endure in order to transfer his son throughout the home. It impacted his health so much that he is actually having surgery because of it. So they found another home with a master suite on the main level and with the help of Developmental Pathways and Medicaid, they transformed the bathroom into a barrier free shower, with an all access toilet and roll-under sink area that fits their son’s wheelchair perfectly. The result is a more open, beautiful bathroom and one that makes their lives easier.

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It was hard finding a house that met our son’s needs and it felt great when we finally found one with a bedroom/bathroom suite on the main level. Being in a home that is tailored to our son makes our lives less stressful and being safe at home is key since we can’t travel with the responsibility of caring for him. We have date nights, family gatherings for special occasions and do fun things at home as a family all the time.