Bertha's headshot as part of her featured story about her modular aluminum wheelchair ramp installation

Modular Aluminum Ramp Helps Bertha Move Forward

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Modular Aluminum Ramp Helps Bertha Move Forward

City: Colorado Springs
State: CO, Colorado
Project Type: Wheelchair Ramp

Bertha, now 81 and an avid cross-stitcher, has been a Colorado resident since she was a teenager. Her parents taught her from a young age that working hard and fending for herself is the only way to live. With those guiding principles in heart, she has provided and protected her family and has always been independent. However, the months leading up to 2020 and after were especially tough for her.

Her home in Colorado Springs, in the middle of one night, was broken into and her car stolen, all while her disabled son slept on the living room couch and Bertha just a room away. At that moment she lost her sense of security. When COVID-19 hit, she lost her job, and then in April, she lost her son to a heart disease. These unfortunate events left Bertha alone in her home feeling especially vulnerable.

Reason for Concern
After the death of her son, Bertha’s mobility began to decline which made Bertha’s daughter, Jacquiline, feel increasingly uneasy about her mom’s safety. Jacquiline knew she had to do something to help her mom overcome accessibility barriers so that she can remain safe at home, but knew that funding a home modification seemed impossible much less living in an expensive assisted or independent living facility.

Enter Brothers Redevelopment
Brothers Redevelopment, Inc. is a 501c3 that helps Colorado families with housing. Brothers has become synonymous with affordable, safe and accessible housing solutions for Colorado’s low-income, elderly and disabled residents. Brothers has worked with countless supporters and tens of thousands of volunteers to provide a broad spectrum of housing-related services to hundreds of thousands of clients across the state. Brothers promotes, develops and preserves sustainable affordable housing.

“Brother’s Redevelopment was easy to work with,” said Jacquiline.

Feeling Safe at Home
Brothers Redevelopment helped secure funding and Accessible Systems installed a modular aluminum metal ramp that would grant Bertha easy and safe access into her home. This allowed Bertha to keep her independence and is now able to do simple things like rolling her grocery cart from her car straight into the house using the ramp. After the most difficult year in her life, this ramp made all the difference in her life at just the right moment.
Bertha continues to stay busy with her hobby, and her next cross-stitching piece? A cat with the words ‘hang in there kitty” which so encapsulates her positive attitude and outlook on life.

“I’m so HAPPY today after a year of HELL. Thank you,” exclaimed Bertha.

“She’s a Trooper,” says Jacquiline of her mom.

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I can finally roll my grocery cart up to the door!