An loving older couple aging in place in their home, sitting on the couch share a cup of coffee while webcasting on a PC

Are You Aging in Place on Your Terms?

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While your body and mind are changing as you age, so are your needs. As our population’s life expectancy extends, it can be difficult to accept that changes that are occurring for you both mentally and physically. Learning to cope with a new set of physical challenges like limited mobility, diminished sight, or a new disease diagnosis can have a significant impact on how you see yourself aging and what your long-term plans are. What many people fail to realize is that you don’t have to give up your dream of aging in place in your home or with the family you love just because your health or your needs have changed.

Solutions for The Most Common Aging in Place Challenges


Senior Caucasian woman riding on a Bruno Elite outdoor stair lift in her back yard

Aging in place is possible with adaptive equipment that can open up access to cherished areas of a home

With the decreased flexibility and at times vision, many older Americans are at a higher risk for a fall in their home. It’s no surprise that the stairs that you once ran up with a full laundry basket are now a significant challenge. We work with many customers who tell us that they simply avoid going upstairs to the bedroom and choose to sleep in their chair downstairs because they are afraid of falling. Others have told us that they crawl or scoot up and down the stairs. This is hardly appropriate aging in place.

Instead of avoiding the stairs in your home or navigating them in a non-traditional way, choose to have a Bruno Stairlift installed in your home. These stairlifts are made in America by a veteran-owned family business and are some of the most reliable stairlifts on the market today. Many homeowners don’t consider adding a stairlift to their home because their staircase turns or bends. Bruno offers both straight and curved stair chair configurations. The track is custom made to fit your staircase and takes up much less room on the stairs than you may think! The stair chair from Bruno also offers an industry best warranty on the mechanical and electrical components. Once installed, your lift will serve you for years without worry.

Another area of the home that our clients struggle with are the entrances and exits of the house. With decreasing mobility or a diagnosis of a health condition that challenges your mobility, getting in and out of your home can become a problem. One of the most common problems we hear is that getting through the front door or the garage door of the house is no longer possible. Steep steps, low steps, and poor lighting can make these areas dangerous or impossible for those who use a cane, walker, or wheelchair to get around.

The addition of a ramp to the front of your home or concealed discreetly in your garage can make getting out and going easier. With a variety of material choices available, selecting the right ramp for your needs and budget can make this solution affordable. Wood and concrete ramps can add beauty and function to your home, while metal ramps offer a no maintenance option. Portable and removable ramps can help you enjoy visiting with friends and family without worrying about access.


An older adult aging in place at home smiling sitting on a walker as she does her laundry

The smile tells you that this older adult is aging in place just fine, independently!

The Accessible Systems team is dedicated to helping our clients, and their loved ones choose the best home renovations options available for their accessibility needs. With nearly 20 years of experience in the home accessibility field, we welcome the opportunity to step into your home and help you find a way to age on your terms in the house you love. Let our stairlift and ramp specialists evaluate your home and offer you customized solutions to your accessibility needs. Find the location nearest you in Colorado, Utah, or Texas.