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Adaptive Adventures was founded in 1999 by two individuals with physical disabilities who recognized a need for non-site based adventure sports opportunities for individuals with physical disabilities. They set out on a mission to serve people in their own communities and provide progressive outdoor sports opportunities to improve the quality of life for children, adults, and veterans with physical disabilities and their families. With offices in Franklin Park, IL, and Lakewood, CO, Adaptive Adventures is a recognized regional and national leader in adaptive sports including alpine skiing, climbing, cycling, kayaking, paddleboarding, dragon boating, whitewater rafting, Nordic skiing, sailing, scuba diving, snowboarding, water-skiing, and wakeboarding.
Adaptive Adventures vision is that all people, regardless of their physical location and what their physical ability may be, should have the opportunity to experience the freedom and joy that comes with human-powered outdoor activities. Since 1999, Adaptive Adventures has served over 100,000 participants and their families from all 50 states. Our motto is FREEDOM through Mobility.

Adaptive Adventures succeeds because we offer what other adaptive programs do not: true mobility, not just for our participants, but in our ability to reach our participants. Adaptive Adventures travels the country with 15 trailers filled with adaptive equipment providing programs to areas in our nation that are unserved or underserved by adaptive programs. Adaptive Adventures currently provides programs in over 25 states, collaborating with over 150 community partners across the country including rehab hospitals, park districts, VA medical centers, military hospitals, veteran service organizations, and other adaptive sports programs. Additionally, Adaptive Adventures provides ongoing year-round programs in the Midwest and Rocky Mountain Regions.

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On May 31st, 2019, Adaptive Adventures will be hosting a birthday party to celebrate 20 years of service! Please join us for a great evening as we look back over the last 20 years and look ahead to an even better future.