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Stair Lifts Showroom, Plus Wheelchair Ramps, Lift Systems and More

Let our specialists show you around our world-class, fully adapted home and stair lift showroom. Call ahead to one of our locations or request a FREE home evaluation. Featured here is our showroom in Englewood, CO, just outside of Denver. This adapted home is a one of a kind showroom in Colorado and 1 of 3 in the country. We have a smaller showrooms in Greeley, CO and Centerville, UT, just outside of Salt Lake City. In our Englewood showroom, you can:

  • Test out the various models of stair lifts and find the right fit for the stairways in your home.
  • See and learn about a modular wheelchair ramp that is made out of aluminum and can be installed within a few hours.
  • Roll onto an ride UP and DOWN a vertical platform lift and invite a caregiver to tag along.
  • Feel the gentle grip of a body lift system, whether it be wall-, floor- or ceiling-mounted to safely and independently transfer out of a bed to a chair, chair to bath, or fly between rooms without relying on a caregiver.
  • Take a ride on a mobility scooter, feel the comfort and luxury of a lift chair, and test various walkers and other mobility aids.
Adapted home and stair lift showroom in Englewood, CO

Stair lift showroom

We’ve been in business for over 20 years and our Englewood stair lift showroom specifically, earned a 5-star Certification for  COVID-19 compliance. Try before you buy, is our suggestion. If you can’t visit, take a virtual tour!

Adapted Home Modification – Practical Solutions

According to the an AARP study, 90% of people desire to stay in their home of choice so home modifications are a planning step toward creating that reality for you and your loved ones. Most home modifications are a one time investment and can be a third of the cost of going into a skilled nursing environment. In addition to learning about mobility equipment and aids, in our Englewood adapted home and stair lifts showroom you can see real functional and beautiful home modifications, such as:

  • French doors upon entering the adapted home showroom.
  • A widened entry into a bathroom.
  • Grab bars and railings to help prevent falls.
  • Non permanent handholds that can help you safely rise from a chair, bed or toilet.
  • Sliding barn doors to eliminate the hallway space that a standard swiveling door takes.
  • Step into a home elevator and see how design meets function.
  • Operate an automatic door opener.

Beautiful Accessible Bathroom Remodeling

At our Englewood, CO showroom you can also get ideas for making your bathroom accessible without it looking like a hospital.

Accessible bathroom remodel showroom featuring grab bars, euro style showers, roll under cabinets and more

Accessible bathroom remodeling

  • Explore a barrier-free and fully accessible bathroom and especially the modern design options that help avoid that hospital look and feel.
  • An open floor plan and roll-in shower that you don’t have to step into, which is where a wheelchair or walker has the most trouble.
  • A walk-in tub for soaking with jets that soothe and clean.
  • Experiment with a ShowerBuddy or TubBuddy which are specialized equipment and experience the ease of gliding from the toilet into the bathing area.
  • Grip various handheld shower heads.
  • Sample tile and other materials.
  • Learn about the various commode options, like the EZ Tilt riser and the Toilevator (see below).
EZ Tilt installed in a home by Accessible Systems of Colorado, Salt Lake City, Dallas

An EZ Tilt helps with rising off the toilet

A toilevator is marked with an arrow installed in a bathroom of a home by Accessible Systems

A Toilevator raises the toilet height

Trust our specialists! We thoroughly understand your mobility challenges and genuinely care about your well being. No matter where you are located we have a presence to support you in learning about making your home work for you and achieving the ultimate goal of staying in your home with independence!