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Thinking of going on vacation this Summer?

If so this resource guide will help you find easy, lightweight travel solutions for your upcoming vacation. Many of these items have been recommended by our customers as the easiest travel solutions.

Travel Scooters: We offer many different scooter options that make traveling easy. The Pride and Golden scooters break down in 4 pieces to go in the back of a trunk! Our scooters are also able to go on an airplane, making travel through the airport much easier.

Travel Power Chair: The Golden Literider power chair travels easily, it breaks down into 4 parts and also fits in the back of a trunk. Our friend Larry (shown in the image) has taken his all over the country and to Mexico! These also allow easy airport access and are stored under the plane at gate check.

Commode Chairs: 3 in 1 folding commode chair travels easily and is light weight at 14lbs

Ramps: There are several great options for traveling with portable wheelchair or scooter ramps. The graphite fiber ramps are light weight and portable. Another option would be the multi-fold ramps, these are also portable. If needing a ramp for vehicle access the multi-fold utility ramps are another great option. Ramps are available in 2ft-12ft.

Bathtub/Shower: The Nova folding shower chair is a great option that is light weight and will often fit in either a tub or a shower. There are 2 options for grab bars, either a suction cup grab bar or the tub grab bar. The suction cup grab bar is meant to be stabilizing but not weight bearing.

Walkers: The Stander Fold & Go walker is a great travel option, it folds easily and only weights 7lbs! This is the ultimate light weight walker. There are also other walkers available that offer seating and larger wheels that make traveling easy.

Unfortunately there are products that do not travel easily such as beds, patient lifts, lift chairs, and rolling shower chairs. For these items you can contact a local medical provider at your destination. For vehicle rentals contact local car rental facility.

As with any vacation, being prepared is critical to a great vacation. Check with friends and family to find out if they have any recommendations, or have traveled to accessible destinations. Consult your local travel agent, hotel, airline, and others to understand the services available for your trip. Visit the US Department of State for additional travel information.

If you have other recommendations of products that have provided you safe travel solutions please share with us! Providing safe solutions is important to us and our customers!