Barrier Free Bathroom Remodel

This Barrier Free Bathroom features an open floor plan design with a zero threshold that is level with the bathroom floor.  The accessible shower is also know as the euro shower or roll in shower because there is no barrier between the shower and the rest of the bathroom.  The key to a good barrier free shower is that here is no bump as you enter the shower and the water drains back to the drain inside the shower and not out into the bathroom.

We use a proprietary technique to install a strong, accessible shower base without cutting your existing bathroom floor.  Many contractors will install a shower on top of your existing floor and that creates a barrier or allows the water to escape out into your bathroom.  After many years of experience, we have developed 2 options, our Marble Cast solid surface shower base, and our custom tile Mud Pan shower base.  See below.

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Barrier Free Bathroom Remodeling


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